Eating my way through Emporium Melbourne.

I ate my way through Emporium’s Cafe Court.

Interning at the Mamamia Women’s Network’s Lonsdale Street office each Tuesday was the perfect excuse opportunity to try out all the amazing offerings at Melbourne’s glossiest shopping centre.

I’m not a city kid, and Emporium wasn’t open when I was studying at RMIT and living in Melbourne for three years before I moved back home for my first (and only, so far) full-time journalism job. (Although, let’s be honest, I probably couldn’t have afforded to eat there very often anyway during my uni student years).

Since then, I hadn’t had much of chance to test out the various cuisines of the food court. So when the first day of my internship rolled around in November, I decided I was going to make it my mission to try as many delicious and reasonably-priced dishes from the famous food court as I could.

Week 1 – Pho-nomenal Pho.

Week 2 – Some Dim Sims.

Week 3 – Balanced Bing Boy. 

Week 4 – Fried chicken, Indonesian style.

Week 5 – More Than Just Sushi.

Week 6 – Simply Senational Souvas.

Week 7 – Fresh Mexican.

Week 8 – Spudtastic Baked Potato.

Week 9 – Nutritious Dish.

Week 10 – Mediocre Malaysian.

Week 11 – Tasty Japanese Curry.


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