Week 1 – Pho-nomenal Pho.

The place: Pho Nom
The dish: Pho Ga Bo (I think!)
The verdict: Delicious. Just simply delicious.

Vietnamese pho has fallen into trend in the past couple years, but I’ve only eaten it a handful of times, so Pho Nom was the first stop on my Emporium food journey.

The menu encourages make it your way. Slightly overwhelmed with the variety of options, I ordered mine with shredded chicken, extra vegetables and thinly sliced beef in chicken broth, which I think is a dish called Pho Ga Bo.

It was a busy lunchtime rush, but they handled it well, with buzzers given to customers. I later learned this was the norm at Emporium. When I came back to get my bowl I was surprised at the size. I’d ordered the regular size, right? This was huge.

Armed with a soup spoon, chop sticks and a fork (just in case) I got stuck into my soup, slopping, slipping and slurping away. What struck me was the flavourfulness (that’s a word, right?) of the broth, something I guess would have taken hours of work and would be difficult to replicate.

The meat was tender and while it was a bit hard to chew through some of my thick bok chouy I really enjoyed the freshness the vegies added.

My top tip is to alternate between shovelling in noodles with chop sticks and mouthfuls of soup – so you don’t end up with a half full bowl of plain soup – although that isn’t the worst position to be in either.


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