Week 3 – Balanced Bing Boy.

The place: Bing Boy
The dish: Prawn King.
The verdict: Perfect on-the-go light lunch.

I’d spotted this asian street food outlet from where I was sitting eating my dim sims. Watching as one of the cooks poured omelette batter onto a crepe pan, cooked it and sprinkle it with fillings, I decided Bing Boy was going to be my next target.

Image via facebook.com/bingboyasianstreetfood

The following Tuesday I bee-lined straight for the bright yellow stand and ordered the first thing I saw on the menu – a prawn king. I’m normally one to agonise over decisions, but I liked the sound of prawn, baby spinach, sweet and sour carrot, avocado and wonton skin with sweet chilli sauce.

After ordering I was quite happy to sit back and watch my own bing boy being created, which took just a few minutes.

Happily I munched on my perfectly cooked, perfectly wrapped Bing Boy and enjoyed the light, sweet, crispy, crunchy balance of it all.


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