Week 4 – Fried chicken, Indonesian style.

The place: Es Teler 77
The dish: Nasi Uduk
The verdict: Delicious fried chicken is the star of this complete meal.

Looking at the Es Teler 77 menu and faced with an overwhelming amount of choices, I haphazardly settled on Nasi Uduk. Apparently it’s a pretty popular option at the Indonesian fast food restaurant. It’s a dish of fried chicken, accompanied by white rice, sambal sauce, a salad and chicken broth soup. If I had time I was going to try the fruit cocktail which the chain is named after.

The fried chicken was extremely tender with a crispy skin and not at all too oily. I loved the spicy sambal sauce, which at first I did’t think I had much of. I was perhaps a little too excited when I found more of it hiding underneath the soup bowl. The soup was simple, but full of flavour and the salad was a lovely fresh way to balance out the meal.

I didn’t get time to try an es teler, but I was not t00 dissapointed – I’ll just get some next time!


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