Week 5 – More Than Just Sushi.

The place: Sushi Hon.
The dish: Teriyaki chicken bento.
The verdict: Tasty, traditional, but a bit too sweet.

I was after a bento box today – a Japanese take-away meal that is normally purchased at train stations and includes a combination of sushi, rice, omelette, dumplings and maybe a sweet bean mixture to finish. The bento I ate on a train from Tokyo to Kyoto was one of the tastiest things I ate in Japan (which is definitely saying something) and I was keen to relive that memory.


This one from Sushi Hon had fried chicken balls in a sweet and sticky dark sauce, brown rice, a piece of omelette, two dumplings, a cherry tomato and a pink thing that I also saw in Japan, but am yet to identify. In Japan bento boxes are served at room temperature, but this one was served hot (to cater to Australia’s anti-room temperature tastes I presume).

It was great they gave the option of white or brown rice and I found the brown still had the slight stickiness of sushi rice that makes Japanese rice so awesome. The sauce the chicken was slathered in was perhaps a bit too sweet for my taste and even the omelette had a sweetness about it. But the chicken was tender, the rice to meat ratio was excellent and overall it was tasty take-away.


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  1. dosirakbento says:

    If you mean the pink thing on the tamago (egg), it looks like fishcake to me.

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    1. journojess says:

      Thanks dosirakbento!


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