Week 6 – Simply Sensational Souvas.

The place: Jimmy Grants.
The dish: Nonna Maria.
The verdict: Beautifully simple, yet so much more than your standard souvlaki.

Jimmy Grant’s corner of Emporium’s cafe court has a very cool vibe, without going into hipster territory. The menu features “souvas” with names like Mr Papadopoulos (lamb), Homer, Kalamata Kid and my choice, Nonna Maria. ¬† This souvlaki was made up of a thick, white pita bread, filled with chicken, parsley, onions, mustard aoili… and chips. Yes chips. (Apparently it’s what all the cool kids are doing and I am just not enough of a souva connoisseur to notice.)

Couldn’t wait to take a bite!

It was heavenly. The wrap bread was thick and soft, the chicken tender, the mustard sauce creamy, and not too tangy and the salty, crunchy chips made for a nice addition.

This is a short review, because there’s not much more to say other than: go out and try it yourself. There are five locations¬†across Melbourne. What are you waiting for?


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