Week 7 – Fresh Mexican.

The place: Guzman y Gomez
The dish: Spicy grilled chicken salad.
The verdict: When the salad is this tasty, you know the rest has to be good.

Now to put this into context, this was a few weeks out from the turn of the New Year, which hadn’t started on the healthiest of notes. My Tuesday rolled around after a weekend of eating foods that didn’t have the best fat to nutrition ratio. So despite the menu containing such tasty Mexican fare as burritos, nachos and quesadillas, I went for… a salad. A tasty salad, mind you.


On a bed of lettuce, corn and cucumber was a heap of marinated and grilled spicy chicken, topped with a fresh Pico de Gallo (salsa), and a few squirts of a jalapeño sauce I added after it was served to me.

Why did I go for the salad? Because GYG tells you exactly HOW MANY KILOJOULES are in each of their menu items. It’s right there to see, 4590kj for nachos, 1960kj for a mini burrito, 3370kj for a large burrito, and next to this was the comparatively smaller figure of 1650kj for a salad.

I was really happy with flavour of the chicken and the ratio of lettuce to not-lettuce in the salad. This was one of the best takeaway salads I’ve ever had. I left satisfied, vowing to be back to try something slightly more Mexican.


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