Week 8 – Spudtastic Baked Potato.

The place: Spud Bar.
The dish: Regular potato with homestyle bolognese.
The verdict: Simple, tasty and very filling.

You’ve probably heard of Spud Bar, taking the humble baked potato and doing very things to it. I still hadn’t eaten at one yet, so this was the day. I resisted the temptation to order The Festival: butter, bacon, cheese, sour cream and spring onions – because it is exactly what I would put on a baked potato at home.

There were so many other options, but the bolognese was calling my name. Although the more nutritious option of a sweet potato was on the menu, I went for your basic spud and was happy with my choice. In addition to a meaty bolognese sauce was peas, corn, carrots and, of course, cheese and sour cream. I can’t imagine a baked potato without cheese and sour cream. Although if you wanted to, you could have it left off, but as there was no kilojoule count on the board this week (!) I went ahead.

The addition of cold, peas, corn and carrot was a little bit odd I thought, but it did add a freshness in the same was coleslaw does on your classic spud. With about 4 forkfuls to go I was starting to feel full (but pushed on because I’m no quitter). This lunch ticked all the comfort food boxes – filling, tasty and wholesome.


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