Week 9 – Nutritious Dish.

The place: Thr1ve.
The dish: Thr1ve Classic.
The verdict: Satisfying, tasty –¬†all with the smugness that comes from eating “clean”.

Thr1ve was one of the few places I’d eaten at before this internship, so it was low on the priority list. The menu has changed a little bit from what I remember, but it’s essentially the same: healthy, “clean” ingredients put together to make complete meals.

The menu items are split between something light, something smart and something filling. Although the menu didn’t show the option to, you can still put a meal together yourself by choosing two vegetable bases, a protein and a side. But the “smart” option of a lemon and herb chicken topped with basil pesto and roasted peppers served with sweet potato mash and greens sounded good enough to me, so I picked the Thr1ve Classic.

The chicken was tender and well-seasoned and was paired perfectly with the pesto, peppers and baby spinach – which had its own tangy dressing. The creamy mash was a welcome addition and I was pretty satisfied with my meal, feeling pretty smug that I’d chosen something so nutritious and it tasted so good.


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