Week 11 – Tasty Japanese Curry.

The place: Rice Workshop.
The dish: Chicken Katsu Curry.
The verdict: Curry + fried chicken = delicious.

This was the second Japanese outlet I visited in the Emporium food court because, like I said, there is more to Japanese cuisine than just sushi and it warrants repeat visits.  Food-lovers have been catching on to the other delicious offerings from this East Asian nation. From ramen to tempura and miso to matcha – Japan has so much to offer. So, I was excited to see katsu curry on Rice Workshop’s fun, varied menu.

This popular Japanese dish is carrots and onion in a mild gravy, served over rice, topped with a piece of crumbed and fried chicken.  The Japanese do schnitzels as well as any Austrian – their version, katsu, is made super crunchy with panko flakes (another food trend!). This schnitzel was golden brown and crunchy, but a little over-cooked. The chicken wasn’t so tender, but still enjoyable. The generous serve of slightly sweet, mild curry sauce made eating the entire bowl of rice quite easy. Overall, I was really happy with my choice and wishing I’d had more time to gobble down one of Rice Workshop’s $2.50 snacks including gyoza, takoyaki, edamame – yum! I’ll definitely be back.


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