Week 12 – A+ Dumplings.


The place: Dumplings Plus.
The dish: Pan fried pork and spring onion bun + steamed BBQ pork bun.
The verdict: Happiness encased in dough.

After trying an offering from almost every vendor on Emporium’s level 3 cafe court I decided to mix things up for my final week. I instead headed downstairs to the lower ground level food court, which features a larger Pho Nom, a sushi restaurant and Dumplings Plus, among a few other outlets. It’s quieter and less busy than the cafe court, with more sectionalised seating.

I was only up for a light lunch, which made dumplings a perfect option, as I could tailor my portion. There were so many dumplings to choose from, but I went for two favourites of mine while in China. The steamed BBQ pork bun, char siu bao, was made up of a fluffy, light, sweet dough filled with pork in an even sweeter barbecue sauce. The pork and spring onion bun was similar to dumplings I had in Shanghai: xiao long boa, but without the soup. Both were delicious, though I should add that the barbecue pork bun really is quite sweet.

As my internship came to an end this was a great way to finish off my journey through Emporium’s food court offerings. But given that I haven’t yet sunk my teeth into a Charlie and Co burger or tried one of Adriano Zumbo’s over-the-top treats this isn’t the last time I’ll be spending my lunch-break at Emporium.


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