Coconut French Toast with Caramelised Bananas

I almost always leave a cafe thinking about how I could recreate the breakfast I just ate in my own kitchen. This recipe is the result of one such experiment.


Perfect rescue for stale Hot Cross Buns

These buns are stale, past the point of resuscitation via a few minutes under the grill. What now? Well, you can turn them into French toast!

Mini Banana Pancakes

Seriously easy, but require really ripe bananas and a bit of modification to get the consistency right, depending on the banana and egg size.

Toasted Muesli

This one’s so simple you could hardly call it a recipe.

Baked Banana Coconut Oatmeal

Yep, I love oats and I sure do love bananas. While this sounds like Basic Banana Porridge cooked in the oven, it’s actually more like Mini Banana Pancakes, but different, I swear.

Basic Banana Porridge

This is the hot, winter version of my Raw Berry Porridge, which is suited to summer, but I often eat all year round. Quick, easy and deliciously creamy. Add whichever milk you like, but dairy milk tastes the best in this recipe.

Raw Berry Porridge

This may not look like the most attractive breakfast – but it’s fresh, creamy and tangy, with no added sugar.