Week 12 – A+ Dumplings.

Last week of my internship and I chose dumplings. So many options, but I went for two favourites of mine while in China.


Week 11 – Tasty Japanese Curry.

I was excited to see chicken katsu curry on this menu – the Japanese do schnitzels as well as any Austrian.

Week 10 – Mediocre Malaysian.

I had heard of char kway teow, but hadn’t tried it. Flat rice noodles – wok-fried with prawns, fishcake, egg, spring onion, beanshoots in a brown sauce. Sounds nice, right?

Week 9 – Nutritious Dish.

The “smart” option of a lemon and herb chicken topped with basil pesto and roasted peppers served with sweet potato mash and greens sounded good to me.

Week 7 – Fresh Mexican.

Despite the menu containing such tasty Mexican fare as burritos, nachos and quesadillas, I went for… a salad. A tasty salad, mind you.

Week 6 – Simply Sensational Souvas.

This souvlaki or “souva” as it’s referred to on the menu was made up of a thick, white pita bread, filled with chicken, parsley, onions, mustard aoili… and chips. Yes chips.

Week 5 – More Than Just Sushi.

I was after a bento box today – a Japanese take-away meal that is normally purchased at train stations and includes a combination of sushi, rice, omelette, dumplings and maybe a sweet bean mixture to finish.

Week 4 – Fried chicken, Indonesian style.

Looking at the Es Teler 77 menu and faced with an overwhelming amount of choices, I haphazardly settled on Nasi Uduk. Apparently it’s a pretty popular option at the Indonesian fast food restaurant.

Week 3 – Balanced Bing Boy.

Watching as one of the cooks poured omelette batter onto a crepe pan, cooked it and sprinkle it with fillings, I decided Bing Boy was going to be my next target.

Week 2 – Some Dim Sims.

Once exclusively located at the South Melbourne Market (as the name suggests), this vendor has now popped up in Elizabeth Street and here in the Emporium cafe court.

Week 1 – Pho-nomenal Pho.

Vietnamese pho has fallen into trend in the past couple years, but I’ve only eaten it a handful of times, so Pho Nom was the first stop on my Emporium food journey.