Bringing it like a business chick.

I had a blast at Business Chicks’ 9toThrive event in Melbourne and came home completely inspired.


How to make the best photobook

As a present photobooks ticks a lot of boxes – plus they’re fun to make.

Top 12 tips for great gift giving

Now, I don’t want to claim I’m an expert, but the feedback I received last year was pretty good. So I’m sharing my top tips for being the best gift giver this Christmas and for every occasion after.

Christmas traditions

From the pre-Christmas shopping, baking and decorating, to work break-ups and extended family get-togethers there’s as much to enjoy in the weeks before Christmas as on the actual day.

Top 40 recycled songs 

Lately I’ve been experiencing Deja vu every time I flick the dial to commercial radio – and not because the “No Repeat Work Day” means you will only hear a song once between the hours of 9 and 5 and seven times throughout the rest of the day.

No one is safe from a robot takeover

Of course innovation and advancing technology has seen machinery/robots increasingly replace humans in factories for hundreds of years. But it just occurred to me that no one’s job is safe from automation.

Intimate sales

Can anyone be convinced to fork out more dosh than they meant to, or is only those of us who are open to suggestion? Those of us who deep down want to spend money, driven by the pleasure response in our brain associated with shopping.

10 mistakes you don’t need to make

We all know how hard it is to learn from other’s mistakes. No matter how many people tell us, on good authority, that you can’t tame a bad boy or mix colours and whites in the wash, something inside us goes – “Well that was you. I can do this.”

Anti-gravity yoga

Blood rushing to your head isn’t something you’d typically associate with good health, but here I was at an anti-gravity yoga class anyway.