Week 4 – Fried chicken, Indonesian style.

Looking at the Es Teler 77 menu and faced with an overwhelming amount of choices, I haphazardly settled on Nasi Uduk. Apparently it’s a pretty popular option at the Indonesian fast food restaurant.

Week 3 – Balanced Bing Boy.

Watching as one of the cooks poured omelette batter onto a crepe pan, cooked it and sprinkle it with fillings, I decided Bing Boy was going to be my next target.

Week 2 – Some Dim Sims.

Once exclusively located at the South Melbourne Market (as the name suggests), this vendor has now popped up in Elizabeth Street and here in the Emporium cafe court.

Week 1 – Pho-nomenal Pho.

Vietnamese pho has fallen into trend in the past couple years, but I’ve only eaten it a handful of times, so Pho Nom was the first stop on my Emporium food journey.

Eating my way through Emporium Melbourne.

Interning at the Mamamia Women’s Network’s Lonsdale Street office each Tuesday was the perfect excuse opportunity to try out all the amazing offerings at Melbourne’s glossiest shopping centre.

Top 12 tips for great gift giving

Now, I don’t want to claim I’m an expert, but the feedback I received last year was pretty good. So I’m sharing my top tips for being the best gift giver this Christmas and for every occasion after.

Christmas traditions

From the pre-Christmas shopping, baking and decorating, to work break-ups and extended family get-togethers there’s as much to enjoy in the weeks before Christmas as on the actual day.

Easy kid’s meals

What I didn’t know as a kid, but have since learned, was that my favourite dinners were all incredibly easy to prepare and cook.

Top 40 recycled songs 

Lately I’ve been experiencing Deja vu every time I flick the dial to commercial radio – and not because the “No Repeat Work Day” means you will only hear a song once between the hours of 9 and 5 and seven times throughout the rest of the day.

No one is safe from a robot takeover

Of course innovation and advancing technology has seen machinery/robots increasingly replace humans in factories for hundreds of years. But it just occurred to me that no one’s job is safe from automation.

Vegetarian chili

This recipe arose from my love of spicy food and Mexican flavours and desire to have some delicious meals without meat. I’m not a vegetarian, but I like to have one or two “vegie days” a week.

Zucchini Quiche

My Gran’s recipe for zucchini quiche. It’s crustless and some might refer to this as zucchini slice.