How to make the best photobook

As a present photobooks ticks a lot of boxes – plus they’re fun to make.

Week 12 – A+ Dumplings.

Last week of my internship and I chose dumplings. So many options, but I went for two favourites of mine while in China.

Week 10 – Mediocre Malaysian.

I had heard of char kway teow, but hadn’t tried it. Flat rice noodles – wok-fried with prawns, fishcake, egg, spring onion, beanshoots in a brown sauce. Sounds nice, right?

Week 9 – Nutritious Dish.

The “smart” option of a lemon and herb chicken topped with basil pesto and roasted peppers served with sweet potato mash and greens sounded good to me.

Week 7 – Fresh Mexican.

Despite the menu containing such tasty Mexican fare as burritos, nachos and quesadillas, I went for… a salad. A tasty salad, mind you.

Week 6 – Simply Sensational Souvas.

This souvlaki or “souva” as it’s referred to on the menu was made up of a thick, white pita bread, filled with chicken, parsley, onions, mustard aoili… and chips. Yes chips.

Week 5 – More Than Just Sushi.

I was after a bento box today – a Japanese take-away meal that is normally purchased at train stations and includes a combination of sushi, rice, omelette, dumplings and maybe a sweet bean mixture to finish.